Oh Yeah,

I'm not JUST a writer, you know.

Here's a bit about my extensive experience in the world of videography and broadcasting.

Family Pictures USA (PBS)

Family Pictures USA is a PBS show in which host Thomas Allen Harris travels to different cities within the US to learn the ancestral story behind the community. Families bring in old photographs of their families, some dating back to the late 1800s, and they explain the significance that the photos hold for them and their families.

My job for the event was to be the behind-the-scenes videographer for the Carnegie Mellon University event. In particular, my responsibility was to get full coverage of host Thomas Allen Harris interacting with staff, guests, and speakers. In turn, my footage was and is used in advertising material for the show and embedded as clips within the show. 

My work in action is below:

PA 12th District Congressional Candidate Forum

In spring 2022, I, along with a talented group of my peers, sought to host a town hall debate on our university’s campus with our district’s congressional candidates. 

Due to the time of the event and with Covid still awry, some candidates had to attend the debate via Zoom. I helped set up the live streaming for this debate on Facebook and monitored the debate’s audio.

U-View Television

Through Point Park's U-View Television, I have been able to attain an incredible amount of broadcasting experience. As a freshman, I was a host for the talk-show style show “Daybreak,” which I now produce alongside my co-producer Cole Sholtis.

My responsibilities as a producer involve pre- and post-production and manning the Tricaster during our show’s filming. Due to my experience at U-View, I have become quite fluent in Adobe Premiere. I am also responsible for an abundance of administrative work, ensuring that the stories submitted by my reporters are accurate, error-free, and timely. I resolve any issues involving scheduling or interview arrangements.

Each week, I collaborate with a small group of students to combine our best clips and create what is known as “The U-View Rundown,” a thirty-minute show that is sent to KDKA to air. This has been an incredible experience, knowing what I’ve worked so hard on is actually being seen by the general public. It has also greatly helped me hone in on the more detailed aspects of editing.