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A La Carte Services:

SEO Blog Posts

The benefits of businesses having a regularly updated blog cannot be understated. Aside from the benefits of establishing industry authority and nurturing the relationship between you and your customers, companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don't blog!

Don't worry about SEO, either: I've got you covered. We'll strategize topics together on a discovery call (or email, if you're shy), and I'll determine which keywords we should tackle.

Single Blog: $250 Three Blogs: $600 Five Blogs: $1,000

Prices reflect one calendar month. Additional blogs can be added to your contract on an a la carte basis.

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

If you're an entrepreneur, LinkedIn is your single largest asset. You're missing out on major profits if you're not taking advantage of it. 

How should I know? 

My business started VIA LinkedIn. I got my first four-figure inbound lead because - get this - the client "liked my vibe."

The fact is, people will take a chance on you if they like you. That's my job: conveying your awesome personality to your target clients.

The process is simple: We have a monthly catch-up call to discuss what you want to cover and the elements of your business that you want to convey, and I handle the rest.

10 Post Package: $450 15 Post Package: $500

Prices reflect one calendar month.

PSSST: If you're reading this and want access to a free LinkedIn Audit template, click here!

Email Newsletters

Let's face it: Endless outreach and sales calls can leave you feeling... less than lovely.

That's the beauty of an email newsletter: You don't have to wonder where your next client is coming from because you already have them in your back pocket.

Building an email list is a guaranteed way to make your life as an entrepreneur so much easier. 

But writing them can be time-consuming. Don't worry, though: I've got you covered!

We'll have a monthly strategy and catch-up call, and I'll get my typing fingers to work creating newsletters guaranteed to make your audience say: "Wow! A newsletter I don't immediately want to throw into spam!"

2 Newsletter Package: $300 4 Newsletter Package: $400

Prices reflect one calendar month.

Service Packages:

Solopreneur Scale-Up System

Package Price: $1,000

Price reflects one calendar month.

DIY doesn't cut it when you have a business to run. It's time to hire someone to help.

My Solopreneur Scale-Up System includes:

- A 90-Minute Kick-Off Call: This call introduces me to your unique voice and vision as I build out your content.

- Two Monthly Newsletters: These newsletters are designed to meet your business goals, whether they be attracting qualified leads, building brand presence, or establishing authority in your industry.

- Monthly LinkedIn Content Calendar: This included fifteen curated posts that are built to attract your target audience. With the help of this structure, your profile can act as another landing page for potential clients.

- One Monthly Thought-Leadership Article: An updated blog can improve the visibility of your business' website immensely, not to mention build credibility for you and your services on an industry-wide scale.

Content Strategy Meeting

There's nothing wrong with wanting to DIY your marketing. Sometimes, budgets can get in the way of contracting outside work.

That being said, there's no need to go in blind.

For just $100, I'll overhaul your content marketing plan. From content pillars to hook templates, you'll leave our meeting with a brand-new skill set.

One Hour Meeting: $100

Additional meetings can be scheduled on an a la carte basis.

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